The Move



So... WHAT'S Going On?

We're glad you asked! Read below to find out which areas of the library are being rearranged, and why.


2nd Floor - Local History & Genealogy | Programming | Makerspace

The second floor will become our local history and genealogy section, which was previously at the Lyons Branch, and a dedicated programming space/Makerspace. This will let patrons have greater access to the local history and genealogy collection; allow staff members to plan more programs and accommodate more people at these events; and let the community have access to two dedicated meeting spaces: the programming space/Makerspace and eventually the Lyons Branch.


Basement - Youth Department

The children’s department is moving downstairs for two main reasons: youth safety and to better accommodate all of our library services.

In the current children’s space, it’s difficult for staff to assist/supervise our youngest patrons and their families since the space sprawls among several rooms. Staff will be able to provide greater assistance for youth in the more open lower level, where staff has greater space visibility. Youth will also not have to use emergency exits/stairs if they have to evacuate in an emergency.


Lyons Branch - Friends of the Library Bookstore | Public Meeting Space | Programming

Saturday, December 16th is the last day the Lyons Branch will be open. We'll start to move materials from the Lyons Branch to the Main Branch on Monday, December 18th. 

The Lyons Branch will eventually be home to the Friends of the Library bookstore and serve as a public meeting space. We will also sometimes use this venue for library programs. More information about this space, including the bookstore’s hours, will come in Spring 2024.



We anticipate that the move will be completed by early February 2024. However, it is possible that this timeline can change if unforeseen circumstances arise. We are optimistic that this timeline will go according to plan.



Okay... So How Does This Impact Me?

We understand that things may be a bit confusing in their current state, but ongoing changes and the finished move will impact both our staff and patrons positively! Read below for immediate and future impact.


Programming & Meeting Space

Immediate Impact

Our library programs have been temporarily reduced and some have been put on pause as we anticipate the move. Lyons programs were paused at the end of 2023. Lyons programs are planned to resume January 2024. Main Branch programs are scheduled as usual. Any program changes will be shown on our online programming calendar, monthly program sheet, and on Facebook.

Future Impact

The library will have an official programming room that will also be home to our Makerspace. This dedicated meeting space will allow us to accommodate more people at library programs. When they're not being used for library purposes, the new meeting spaces at both the Main Branch and Lyons Branch will be available to community members and organizations.

In early 2024, we plan to increase our Saturday hours and offer more programs. Library staff will offer more programming for all ages throughout the week, including weekends, since we will have an allotted programming space, increased library hours, and greater staff time specifically for programming. Our staff members have a lot of fun, new, and exciting program ideas that we’re excited to plan for patrons.



Immediate Impact

Access to youth and Lyons items will vary throughout different move phases. We will communicate this with signage at the Main Branch and through our social media channels. Patrons are always encouraged to call the Main Branch to ask questions.

Other library services at the Main Library will not change as we undergo the move. Individuals will still be able to view and check out all adult items, use public computers, and access Wi-Fi without any interruptions.

Future Impact

We will finally have ONE location for ALL of our services, at the Main Branch! This will be especially convenient for patrons who wish to use multiple library services in one visit. For example, a patron who wants to check out movies, browse the children’s section, and view our local history collection can now do this all in one visit.


Other Positives

Staff Safety

Staff who currently work at the Lyons Branch work four to eight hours a day alone. There have been times when staff have felt unsafe working alone. With all library staff in one building, our staff will never work alone. We will always have at least three staff in the building at all times.


We appreciate your patience as we begin the moving process!

If you have any questions, concerns, or comments, please call (563) 242-8441 or email Thank you!