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Clinton Reading Challenge

May 27 - September 2, 2024


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Week 8 of 14 Results

July 13 - July 19

Hours Read: 596

Our Rank: 1st Place!


Total Hours & Rankings

1st Place: Iowa | 7,021 hours
2nd Place: New York | 6,561 hours
3rd Place: Massachusetts | 4,262 hours
4th Place: Pennsylvania | 3,701 hours
5th Place: New Jersey | 2,465 hours



Get ready to READ as part of our adult summer reading challenge!

This summer, we’re competing against other Clinton libraries across the nation to see what library can read the most. We need YOU to help us beat the other libraries and WIN! The challenge begins Monday, May 27th (Memorial Day) and ends on Monday, September 2nd (Labor Day). The library winner will be announced on Monday, September 9th.



Who can participate?

All adults who are 18+ and reside in the Clinton area can participate.

How do I participate?

Track your weekly reading and report your total reading time in hours. You can report your weekly reading by returning your filled out reading log to the library or by submitting an online form. Starting Monday, May 20th, people can pick up their reading log at the main desk, print it off at home, and/or access the online reading log on our website. Please use the reading log option that is most convenient for you.

When do I need to return or submit my weekly reading amount with the library?

Participants should let us know their weekly reading total, in hours, by the following week’s Monday at noon. For example, Week 1 spans Monday, May 27th through Friday, May 31st. Participants should report their weekly reading total by Monday, June 3rd at noon. See below under FAQ for the recommended submission timelines.

What if I miss a weekly submission deadline?

That’s ok! Report your reading time at your earliest convenience. We’ll still add it to our grand total.

The final submission deadline is Friday, September 6th.


Results & Rewards

Keep up with what library is winning.

Weekly results will be posted at the library, on social media, and on our website.

Traveling Library Trophy

The winning library gets a trophy to display for a year. New York won in 2021 and 2023; New Jersey won in 2022.

Read and get rewarded.

Every time a participant turns in their reading log on time, either with the physical or digital log, they’ll be entered to win $25 in River City Gold and a library tumbler. Four people will win this prize. Woo hoo!

Our top readers will also be awarded trophies. Prize and trophy winners will be announced on Monday, September 9th.



What counts as reading?

You can read books, magazines, or newspapers, listen to an audiobook, or even read the back of a cereal box. It counts! Reading movie or TV show subtitles does not count.

I’m late to join the challenge. Can I join halfway through?

It’s never too late to join the challenge. Anyone can join at anytime – and even backlog the reading they did earlier in the summer. It still counts!

What are the weekly submission dates?

May 27 - May 31

  • Week 1 (May 27 - May 31): Monday, June 3 @ 12pm

June 1 - July 5

  • Week 2 (June 1 - 7): Monday, June 10 @ 12pm
  • Week 3 (June 8 - 14): Monday, June 17 @ 12pm
  • Week 4 (June 15 - 21): Monday, June 24 @ 12pm
  • Week 5 (June 22 - 28): Monday, July 1 @ 12pm
  • Week 6 (June 29 - July 5): Monday, July 8 @ 12pm

July 6 - August 2

  • Week 7 (July 6 - 12): Monday, July 15 @ 12pm
  • Week 8 (July 13 - 19): Monday, July 22 @ 12pm
  • Week 9 (July 20 - 26): Monday, July 29 @ 12pm
  • Week 10 (July 27 -  August 2): Monday, August 5 @ 12pm

August 3 - September 2

  • Week 11 (August 3 - 9): Monday, August 12 @ 12pm
  • Week 12 (August 10 - 16): Monday, August 19 @ 12pm
  • Week 13 (August 17 - 23): Monday, August 26 @ 12pm
  • Week 14 (August 24 - September 2): Friday, September 6th @ 5pm



Call the library and ask for Kate or email Kate directly at

Challenge History

The fun began back in 2021 when a librarian from Clinton, New York, challenged the patrons of her childhood library in Clinton, New Jersey, to see who could read the most. At the end of that first summer, New York prevailed with 2,492 hours.
In the second year, Clinton County, Pennsylvania joined the race. Although the three libraries were neck-and-neck all summer, Clinton, New Jersey made a last-minute dash and won by just one hour with a total of 5,914 hours.
Clinton, Massachusetts joined the fun in 2023 and proved to be stiff competition, but New York regained the trophy with 9,901 hours read.
This year, the competition has expanded west with the addition of the Clinton Public Library in Clinton, Iowa. With more than 40 different towns named Clinton in the United States, the competition will keep growing year after year.