Computer Use

Computers at the Clinton Public Library provide access to the catalog, the Internet, Microsoft Office programs, children’s programs, and a variety of reference databases. Patrons with laptop computers or other portable devices use the Library’s wireless access. There are no limits on wireless access, and a library card is not required. There are computers available for children 11 and under to use on the Children's Floor. Teens age 11 to 18 have access to the Teen Loft computers.

Patrons have a maximum of free 90 minutes of total computer use per day. If you do not have a library card, the front desk staff can issue a guest pass for 90 minutes.



The library has free access to Wi-Fi. Simply connect to "Clinton Public Library WIFI". Your device should walk you through a Sign-In process. If not, click on a browser and an agreement to service page should appear. You have to agree and click "Connect" to be able to access the Wi-Fi.

Printing, Copies, and Scanning

All locations have printing available from our networked computers. 
You are able to scan documents to a USB drive in .TIF or .PDF format. The station has a book scanner to scan individual documents and a sheet-fed scanner that quickly scans a stack of documents.


Mobile Printing

Main Branch Lyons Branch



  • Printing – $0.15/sheet for black and white, $0.35/sheet color, $0.25/sheet from microfilm (Lyons only)

  • Copies – $0.15/sheet black and white, $0.35/sheet color

  • Scanning – No cost

  • Storage – $5.00 for 8GB thumb drive



The Lyons Branch Library has a fax machine available. The cost is $1.00 per page to send a fax. The Library cannot receive incoming faxes.

Lyons staff will operate the fax machine for you as it is in a designated work area.


Technology Help

For more information call (563) 242-8441 or email info@clintonpubliclibrary.us.​ You can also visit our Niche Academy for help with our resources.

CPL staff is available to assist with access to online resources and e-materials.