Computer Use

Computers at the Clinton Public Library provide access to the catalog, the Internet, Microsoft Office programs, children’s programs, and a variety of reference databases. Patrons with laptop computers or other portable devices use the Library’s wireless access. There are no limits on wireless access, and a library card is not required. There are computers available for children 11 and under to use on the Children's Floor.

Patrons have a maximum of free 90 minutes of total computer use per day. If you do not have a library card, the front desk staff can issue a guest pass for 90 minutes.



The library has free access to Wi-Fi. Simply connect to "Clinton Public Library WIFI". Your device should walk you through a Sign-In process. If not, click on a browser and an agreement to service page should appear. You have to agree and click "Connect" to be able to access the Wi-Fi.

Printing, Copies, and Scanning

All locations have printing available from our networked computers. 
You are able to scan documents to email or a USB drive in .TIF or .PDF format. The station has a book scanner to scan individual documents and a sheet-fed scanner that quickly scans a stack of documents.


Mobile Printing

Main Branch Lyons Branch



  • Printing – $0.15/sheet for black and white, $0.35/sheet color

  • Copies – $0.15/sheet black and white, $0.35/sheet color

  • Scanning – No cost

  • Storage – $5.00 for 8GB thumb drive, $3.00 for 4GB thumb drive



The Lyons Branch Library has a fax machine available. The cost is $1.00 per page to send a fax. The Library cannot receive incoming faxes.

Lyons staff will operate the fax machine for you as it is in a designated work area.


Technology Help

For more information call (563) 242-8441 or email​ You can also visit our Niche Academy for help with our resources.

CPL staff is available to assist with access to online resources and e-materials.