There are several locations at the library for group meetings. For tutoring and studying opportunities, there is the lower level Multi-Purpose room and the Teen Loft- both of which are public spaces but have plenty of tables to support groups.

The Lyons Location is our Genealogy branch at 105 Main Avenue. It has tables that can seat up to 15. It is an open public space so please call (563) 242-5355 to see if it works for your group. 

If you need something more private or a bigger space, the library has the Multi-Purpose Room located in the lower level. It can hold up to 50 people. Tables and chairs are already set up for 15 people, if more are needed, please ask staff. There is also a TV for projecting purposes. Please call the library at (563) 242-8441 for more information or to book the Multi-Purpose Room.


For sizes or bookings we are unable to accommodate, please consult the following document.