Meeting Room Policy

Adopted September 1992; Last Revised May 2022.


The purpose of the Library's meeting rooms is to provide space for library programs and events, and civic, cultural, educational, and informational meetings. Use of the meeting rooms does not imply Library endorsement of ideas expressed in the meetings or of the goals and objectives of the organizations using the facilities.



  • Meeting room use is granted on a first-come, first-served basis. Reservations are taken not more than six months in advance. Reservation forms must be filled out by responsible party and approved by staff before use.
  • The Meeting room is available during regular library hours. Meetings must conclude 30 minutes before library closing. May not go longer without submitting a request for extended time to the Director.
  • Room capacity is set at 53 per the City of Clinton Fire Marshal


Types of Meetings

  • Meetings for children and teens must have adult supervision (no less than a 1-10 ratio).
  • Rooms are not available for private parties.
  • Admission fees, donations, or other fees may not be charged or solicited.
  • Commercial activities such as selling merchandise, soliciting sales, placing orders, exchanging monies is strictly prohibited except for events that benefit the Library.
  • Virtual Meetings: the organizer is responsible for the conduct of attendees and agree to comply with this policy. Staff will set-up the virtual meeting during Library open hours and the organizer will end the meeting and monitor attendees.


  • 55-inch All-in-One Digital Flipchart with USB, LAN, HDMI, & Mirroring connectivity
  • 40 chairs and 10 movable tables

The Meeting room is set in a standard room set-up and groups are responsible for returning the room to the standard set-up.

Groups will be charged for labor and materials to cover the cost of damage to the room or library equipment, or extraordinary room clean up that results from use. If extra trash receptacles are needed, please ask staff.

Food and non-alcoholic beverages may be served in the Meeting Room if pre-approved by library staff. The Library's Conduct Policy applies to use of the meeting rooms.

The Library reserves the right to revoke permission to use the meeting room or virtual meeting room. The Library reserves the right to change or cancel a reservation due to library need.


Policy Reviewed, Revised & Scheduled for review by the Clinton Public Library Board of Trustees

Adopted Revised Reviewed Date of next review
Sept 1992 Sept 2020 2015 Sept 2023
  Jan 2021 2020  
  May 2022    





Meeting Room Reservation Form