Circulation Policies

Adopted September 1992; Last Revised February 2022.


Borrowing Privileges - Eligibility to Borrow

All residents of the city of Clinton are eligible for a FREE Clinton Public Library (CPL) card. Individuals issued a CPL card are eligible to borrow materials from the Clinton Public Library when the following conditions are met:

  • No materials which are more than one month overdue on their card.
  • No outstanding fines in excess of $5.00 have accrued to their card.

Organizational Cards

If an organization is interested in obtaining a library card, an official request must be made on the organization’s letterhead from the head of the organization specifying the person responsible for materials loaned. The organization will adhere to the library rules and policies including fines.

Clinton County Cards

Rural residents of Clinton County may register for a library card at any one of the 6 libraries in the County. These cards are good throughout the County and State of Iowa through the State of Iowa Libraries Online (SILO) Open Access Program. There are no service restrictions.

Non-Resident Fee-Based Cards and Visitors

  • Non-residents who are not eligible for free cards may obtain a card for $50 per year.
  • College students attending local colleges as either residents or commuters are eligible for Clinton Public Library Cards.

Identification to get a library card

Library cards can be issued with identification containing current address. Young children can be issued cards when accompanied by parent or guardian with proper identification. If your ID doesn't have your current address, please bring your ID with an item containing your current address:

  • Utility bill (electric, gas, phone, cable TV)
  • Car registration
  • Cancelled letter addressed to your name at the address in question
  • Bank statement or checkbook

We will make accessibility accommodations on a case by case basis.


Fines and Fees

The Clinton Public Library (CPL) has established, in addition to the table for lost or damaged items (listed below), the following schedule of fines for overdue materials as well as fees for other services provided by the CPL. The general rule is that fines do not exceed the cost of replacement (listed in the item record).

Children’s & Young Adult Material Exceptions

As of April 8th, 2019, all Juvenile Materials are fine free. As of January 2022, all Young Adult materials are fine free. Patrons are still responsible for any lost and/or unreturned items and will be subject to the billing process.

Overdue Materials

  • Books/Audio-Books/Kits: $0.20 per day, not to exceed the cost of replacement listed in the item record
  • Video/Music CDs: $0.50 per day, not to exceed the cost of replacement listed in the item record

Eligible items on your account will be automatically renewed

An item is eligible if there are no holds, the user has not exceeded the allowed number of renewals on that item, the item is from a RiverShare Library.


An initial notice of overdue materials will go out to the patron 10 days after the due date of the item. Patrons with responsibility for material in any format which is more than 90 days overdue are also responsible for any and all collection and/or court costs incurred by the library in its efforts to secure the return of the material.


The library reserves the right to adjust the fee schedule as needed. Fees are not refundable once collected.

  • Photocopy & Printers Fee: $0.15 per page for black and white; $0.35 for color. If enlargement or reduction is required by the patron, the “per page fee” applies to each step in that process. Enlargement and reduction is not an exact science and may take several pages.
  • Faxing fee: $1.00 per page.
  • Lost Library Cards Fee: $1.00 for each card. Patrons may have only one active card at a time. Note: This does not apply to patrons who may be providing a special service for other patrons or representing the library. The library will make a special registration to accommodate.


Length of Loans

The Clinton Public Library (CPL) circulates materials in a variety of formats including books, magazines, audio-books, kits, and video formats. These apply only to CPL materials and may not apply to other lending libraries. The following terms of loan are applicable as indicated:

Item Length of Loan Renewals Allowed Reserves Allowed
Books & Audio Books 21 Days Yes Yes
Magazines 21 Days No Yes
Music CDs 21 Days Yes Yes
Reference Overnight possible No No
Videos 7 Days, Limit 10 Yes Yes
Kits 21 Days No Yes
Equipment Overnight possible Yes Yes
Playaways 21 Days Yes Yes
Vacation Loan 60 Days (4x/year) No --


Lost and/or Damaged Materials

Materials borrowed via any mechanism are the responsibility of the library patron. Replacement cost (listed in the item record) is the responsibility of any patron who borrows and loses or damages any library material. We do not accept like items for replacement. In the case of children under the age of 18, it is the PARENTS RESPONSIBILITY to pay for lost or damaged items.

  • Bindery repair: Actual Cost (minimum $14.00)
  • Minor in-house repair (tape, glue, covers etc.): Actual Cost (minimum $3.00)
  • Major in-house repair (CD, DVD, VIDEO and other special containers): Actual Cost (minimum $6.00)

Materials borrowed through interlibrary loan which are lost or damaged are charged to the patron according to the bill provided by the lending library.


Cake Pan & Cookie Cutter Policy

  • Checkout is for 2 weeks.
  • Limit of 2 cake pans, and 2 cookie cutter sets per library card.
  • Items cannot be renewed.
  • Items are holdable to all Rivershare libraries.
  • All items must be washed before returning to the library.
  • Please return items to the circulation desk. Do not put these items into the book drop.
  •  A damage fee of $2 will be charge for items that are returned dirty.
  • Overdue items are .50/day.
  • Replacement fee for lost or damaged items is based on the price of a new replacement.

Handling Instructions

Before and after usage, wash the items in warm, soapy water and dry it thoroughly. Most of our items are dishwasher safe, but not all.

Show Us Your Cake & Cookies

We would love to see your creation! Please share a picture on our Facebook or Instagram page and tag us @IACPL.


Seed Library Policy

The Seed Library operates on the honor system. We encourage everyone to learn basic seed-saving techniques and check-out our resources available in the library. If you are unable to save your own seed, please consider donating a packet or two of fresh, commercially grown, open-pollinated (nonhybrid, non-GMO) seed to keep our library stocked. Returned seed is what allows us to keep our Seed Library running. If you would like to volunteer to help with our Seed Library please contact the library.

How it works:

  • Select up to 5 packets per visit, a maximum of 15 per season
  • Plant your seeds and watch them grow!
  • Collect seeds from the plants you grew
  • Share your seeds by returning them to the library and filling out a return form

Show Us What You Grow!

We would love to see how you’re helping your community grow! Please share a picture on our Facebook or Instagram page and tag us @IACPL or you can mail them to the Library at 306 8th Avenue South Clinton, IA 52732 c/o Seed Library.



The Clinton Public Library is excited to have been selected to receive a Resolve to Stay Active: A Fitbit Kit for Your Community award in 2019. This award supports public libraries which serve populations that are underrepresented in biomedical research in providing access to health technology and consumer health resources. The award is funded by the Network of the National Library of Medicine (NNLM) All of Us Research Program, whose mission aims to provide quality health education resources to enable individuals to make informed decisions about their health. To learn more about the All of Us Research Program visit

Clinton Public Library Fitbit Lending Information

Guidelines for Borrowing and Use

  • As with any electronic device, use care when handling.
  • Fitbits must be checked out from and returned to the Circulation Desk.
  • A valid Clinton Public Library card with current address must be presented at time of checkout.
  • Borrowers must be in good standing with the Library with no outstanding fines over $5.00.
  • Fitbits may be borrowed for a 28-day loan period and may not be renewed.
  • The library will do a factory reset when the Fitbit is returned.
  • Borrowers must understand and sign the agreement at the circulation desk in the presence of library staff every time a Fitbit is checked out.

Fines and Liability

  • The overdue fine is $1.00 per day.
  • It is the borrower’s responsibility to protect the Fitbit from loss or damage.
  • The replacement cost of a Fitbit is $100.00
  • The replacement cost of the wristband is $20.00
  • The replacement cost of the charger is $20.00


Policy Reviewed, Revised & Scheduled for review by the Clinton Public Library Board of Trustees

Adopted Revised Reviewed Date of next review
Sept 1992 May 2005 Dec 1999 Feb 2024
  May 2007 Sept 2002  
  May 2010 Jan 2003  
  July 2015 May 2007  
  Jan 2020 Dec 2019  
  Feb 2021    
  Feb 2022