Homebound Delivery Program Policy

Adopted September 2021.


Patron Eligibility

Homebound delivery services shall be provided to residents of Clinton who are not able to come to the library. Delivery service will be available only to addresses in Clinton. “Homebound” is defined as being generally confined to the residence either temporarily, due to illness or accident, or permanently, due to age, disability, or other mobility problems.

Library Card and Program Registration

Interested patrons should call the main library (563) 242-8441 to request opening a Homebound library account. If the applicant has an existing library account, it must be in good standing. The Homebound Coordinator will create a Homebound library account for the patron. This account is only accessible by the Homebound Coordinator and library circulation staff. A physical library card will not be issued to the Homebound account holder.

Delivery Schedule/Loan Period

Materials are delivered once a month according to the route schedule. The delivery schedule is determined by the availability and coordination of the Homebound Coordinator and the volunteers. Please note, this service is not “on-demand.” Patrons may call the Homebound Coordinator to request titles; otherwise, items will be given based on genre/author reading preferences specified during the account set up process. At the time materials are delivered, the items from the previous delivery will be retrieved and returned to the library.

Items Available for Delivery

Books, audiobooks, playaways, and magazines are eligible for checkout once they no longer have a waiting list. Number of items checked out is based on how many items the patron can use in one month.


There is no fee for homebound delivery. Overdue fines will not be charged on homebound materials, but the library’s standard fee schedule will apply for damaged or lost items. Clinton Public Library retains the right to discontinue service if borrowed items are lost or damaged.


Most items can be renewed. Items that have waiting lists are not eligible for renewal but can be requested for a future delivery.


Homebound Environment & Safety

  • Library materials may be delivered only by library staff or volunteers meeting qualifications set forth in the volunteer policy.
  • Staff and volunteers are unable to assist patrons with errands, household chores, etc. They are there for library purposes only.
  • It is the responsibility of the patron to keep track of all materials for return. Patrons should not loan out their materials to friends or family members. Library staff and volunteers are not to search for missing or misplaced items.
  • Patrons requesting homebound delivery service must provide a safe and appropriate environment for all volunteers or library staff members who make deliveries to their homes, and patrons must protect all library materials. Volunteers or staff members reserve the right to leave a home immediately and/or to recommend suspension of the service if any of the following unsafe and unsanitary conditions exist:
  1. Pets are not confined (exception of service animals trained to assist a disabled person). Pets are left in a fenced-in area or outside the home where volunteers/staff members must pass through to get to the doorway.
  2. There is not a clear and safe path to the home.
  3. Any person in the home is dressed in revealing attire.
  4. Any person in the home presents threatening behavior.
  5. Any person in the home uses abusive or obscene language, makes obscene gestures or displays obscene images.
  6. Any person in the home harasses the volunteer or library staff.
  7. Any person in the home exhibits signs of illness that may jeopardize the health of the volunteer or library staff, and the library has not received prior notice of the illness.
  8. Any person in the home is engaging in illegal activity at the time of the delivery.
  • If a volunteer or staff member must leave the house, deny service, or recommends suspension of service due to the occurrence of any the above:
  1. The Homebound Coordinator shall provide the Library Director with written documentation of the incident.
  2. The Homebound Coordinator shall send written suspension or discontinuation notice to the patron.


Policy Reviewed, Revised & Scheduled for review by the Clinton Public Library Board of Trustees

Adopted Revised Reviewed Date of next review
Sept 20, 2021     Sept 2024