Notary Public Policy

Adopted August 2017; Last Revised February 2022.


Clinton Public Library provides a notary service at the main library location during most hours of service. There is a charge of $5 per visit. To inquire whether a notary is available, please call ahead to (563) 242-8441.

Please be aware of the following guidelines for notary service:

  • Appointments are required. Please call to schedule.
  • All signers must be present and have photo identification, such as a valid Driver's License.
  • The document MUST NOT be signed ahead of time; it MUST be signed in front of the notary.
  • A limit of five (5) notarization stamps per person per day.
  • Clinton Public Library public notaries follow all regulations established by the Code of Iowa, CHAPTER 9B, NOTARIAL ACTS.
  • A document is invalid if changes are made after the notarization.

For your information: A notary only verifies the signer's identity and that the signature was made willingly and freely.

Notarization does NOT:

  • Prove a document to be true or accurate.
  • Legalize or validate a document.
  • Notarize I-9 forms.
  • Prove a statement under oath/affirmation is true.

Public notaries are NOT legal professionals; please do not ask them legal questions or for legal advice.


Policy Reviewed, Revised & Scheduled for review by the Clinton Public Library Board of Trustees

Adopted Revised Reviewed Date of next review
Aug 2017 Nov 2021 Oct 2021 Oct 2024