Registered Sex Offender Access Policy

Adopted September 2009; Last Revised October 2019.


In compliance with Iowa Code Chapter 692A that excludes registered sex offenders convicted of offenses against minors from public libraries. Sex offenders convicted of a sex offense against a minor shall not be present upon the real property of a public library and they shall not loiter within three hundred feet of the real property boundary of a public library. The Code provides an exception to this prohibition if the library administrator provides written permission.

The Library reserves its legal right to deny access to any person coming within the restrictions of Iowa Code 692A.113(2), and no such person shall be admitted without the written permission of the Library Director. Said prohibition shall not apply to persons denied under the Code who are dropping off their own children outside the building, or to persons going onto the premises for voting purposes in a public election. The issuance of a library card does not constitute permission to enter the library or be present on library property.

Registered sex offenders convicted of sex offenses against minors may be eligible for some library services. They may receive information via telephone or online. They may register for a card directly with the Director, or his designee, via telephone or online, and make arrangements for a person of their choosing to select, check out, and return materials or databases. It is the responsibility of the library user to arrange for a courier to select, check out, and return materials to the library through possession of the library user’s card. Persons barred from library property under law will not be served by the library’s homebound delivery service, except by written permission of the Library Director.

Background checks will be performed using the National Sex Offender Registry on all employees, applicant, potential employees, and volunteers, including library board members or potential library board members, who are or will be working on library property. Violations of this policy will be immediately reported to law enforcement and violators will lose all library privileges. Individuals may appeal the policy, as it relates to them, in writing to the Library Board of Trustees.